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Help! help! They are trying to rob me! I thought I would support and keep my business local but I'm afraid that decision cost me not just my money but sense of security after Lake Charles Nissan totally ripped me off. As a grandmother I wanted to buy my youngest grandson a car. Should have been an easy sale - car advertised for 11,995 with $1000 rebate is 10995 plus taxes - I wanted to pay cash but they insisted I would not get the rebate so I... Read more

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My daughter who is 20, went to the dealership in Lake Charles to see what they had to sale. A "guy" attempted to help her, he did not help her choose a car but he suggested her to find a promising profession..... stripping. Yes my daughter is very beautiful but he was extremely vulgar and suggestive. She came home in tears and humiliated. How in the *** can this dealership allow "males" to work there when their only angle seems to be hitting... Read more

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Carl Pete + John May + John Stelly = one big piece of *** dressed in a crappy suit! Carl Pete made the deal sound good verbally but everything that came out of his big mouth was a lie. He managed to slip in money amounts and I overpaid. When I realized what he did, I went back to speak to him. He did repeat his verbal deal but when I showed him that the numbers didn't match, he seemed to get annoyed with me and went to get John May. Carl Pete... Read more

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people are rude don't take you serious not welcome didn't want to be helped was going to buy a car but I'm not giving my hard earned money to a bunch of people who could care less

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Review about Nissan Of Lake Charles Refund Policy from Lafayette, Louisiana
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This place is terrible! They have no customer service skills and getting a manager to call you back is next to impossible. My salesman was Jordan insanely unprofessional using pet terms such as Mama and Boo to adress me (we have never met before). During one of our conversations he told me "*** won't get you anywhere" They have had your car back since Monday and refuse to even provide an estimate to when they will refund my money. I've... Read more

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Me an my wife received an ad in the mail. It said the the truck we owned was highly sought after. So we drove to the dealership explained how much we owe on the truck. Was told they would take it on a trade. We had to come up with 1000.00 down. Brought the car an yruck home removed an sold tool box. Meet James the sales men we were dealing with that sunday an dropped off the truck. So i would not have to miss work. That monday after having the... Read more

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Nissan of Lake Charles gave me a good deal on a used 2013 Juke, it got totaled so I decided to go back and deal with them again...Well they screwed me royally, first it was late afternoon, I asked for a white or black Juke, they said they had one on lot....when I got there, it looked black, paper said it was black but was a flip-flop color which in day light I'm driving a purple don't stop there...I thouht it looked black so I said I... Read more

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My young daughter brought a new car at night {9pm}and then the very next morning tried to cancel the service contract. It cost 1700 dollars and the contract I pull up describing it gives 60 days in which you can cancel service. We were there at 0830 the very next day and he refused to cancel the service. He also refused to speak to anyone other than my daughter. His reason was because my name was not on the contract. Will NEVER buy another... Read more

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The Nissan dealer here in lake Charles has a service manager thinks he is saving the company money by NOT working with the customer on minor issues. The time it takes for loose nut's ,rattles and squeaks will pay off in repeat customers. Mr.J.Benoit and Mr.Stelly option is in cell not "SERVICE" ... The service Managers attitude toward the customer , insures fewer and fewer New customers.I've lived here all my life, as well as my wife's... Read more

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I had arranged a really good "internet" deal with Nissan of Lake Charles. I talked with the salesman who was working with the most micromanaging boss/owner, John Stelly. I was very particular on the car I wanted, they said they had it gave me the price and it was a go, to come on in. I called numerous times to make sure that it was actually true and that John Stelly was going to stick to his guns. The salesman (who is a victim of a... Read more

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