Deridder, Louisiana
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I had arranged a really good "internet" deal with Nissan of Lake Charles. I talked with the salesman who was working with the most micromanaging boss/owner, John Stelly.

I was very particular on the car I wanted, they said they had it gave me the price and it was a go, to come on in. I called numerous times to make sure that it was actually true and that John Stelly was going to stick to his guns. The salesman (who is a victim of a lying thiefing bad business owner) told me that yes he was sure the deal was a done. I have him my information over the phone to check my credit so that the paperwork process would not take so long while we were there as this was an hour drive for me anyways.

Once I got there they were showing me a car with 3 extra "optional" packages when I had specifically wrote to them I wanted the base model and nothing more. I assumed I was getting an even better deal because they had said yes numerous times that the car I wanted was there. Well, John Stelly then proceeded to tell me that that particular car was the one I had inquired about and it wasn't a base model. If you take a look at their website, they provide no details on the specific car of choice, it simply says contact us, so I did and told them exactly what I wanted.

Basically after I sat with John for 20 minutes he was trying to make me look like an *** and was studdering terribly because he was nervous and I was not going to fall for his unethical sales tactics. He also told me, this is hilarious, that this car was infact the base model and that I was getting a great deal because it was the base model but had 3 optional packages on it and I just had to spend "a couple more bucks" which equaled out to be $5000.00 more than what I was told I could buy the base model for..........if I am not mistaken aren't all cars base models until packages are added???? John Stelly needs to go back to car dealer 101, throw in an ethics class and then learn how to run a business from a real Nissan Dealer. I do not recommend this dealership to ANYONE.

Do your research and know your information before you go!!!

Chances are he will do the same to you!

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Lake Charles, Louisiana, United States #1352901

Bought my SUV truck from there two years ago and it was a 07 ii haven't had any problems with my vehicle and ii would recommend this dealership they sales lady worked her jelly for me to get my car ...keep up the good work mr.stelly


I've gotten 3 cars from Nissan of Lake Charles, dealt with Mr. Stelly for each transaction.

All my cars are paid for! I highly recommend if you are serious, willing to put ya money on the table.

You will not be disappointed. Stop all that pointless complaining


What's up with all the negative comments have horribly misspelled words.. I'm in sales myself and pleasing every single customer will never happen.

If they wanted a red car and you provided them with a red car, they will then complain about it being too red, or they paid too much yet they signed the papers and didn't bother asking what they were signing.. some people are better off learning a lesson than being pleased.

Sales people offer solutions, not to be your babysitter or make sure your literate and understand legal documents, which you have plenty of time to rethink and reconsider. cars aren't supposed to be cheap or else they wouldn't be worth using.

Lake Charles, Louisiana, United States #816827

I have purchased numerous vehicles from John over the years and never had a single issue. All the discussed cost prior to the purchase were reflected exactly as discussed.

The sales personnel all seem to be genuine and their service department has always done a fantastic job. I have both my Infinite's and my Nissan's serviced there without a single complaint.

Concerning John as a person, for the 8 years I've been doing business with him he has always been kind and polite.


Leesville, Louisiana, United States #660676

Same is true for the nissan dealership in DeRidder, LA. I just purchased a car from them and the deal was that they were supposed to pay off my other car and add that to the loan.

Here is it a week later and still no payoff and now my lien holder is wanting their money (which I understand). When I called (three times, each time was told that the check was "OVERNIGHTED". Today I call and was told that the check is on its way to Lake Charles to have 2 signatures then it will be "FED EXED" to my lien holder. I have also found out that the sales girl that sold me the car has a rap sheet involving drugs and her 10 month old baby was rushed to the hospital for drug inhalation.

She now has access to mine and my husband's personal information. What kind of people are running these dealerships.

I won't be back!!!! :(


I had my dealing with the likes of Lake Charles Nissan and Mr Stelly as well.My wide and I went there with the intent to purchase a vehicle. We were offered a less than favorable deal and bought an Xterra from another dealer.

We did return for a routine oil change and were informed that "if Mr Stelly saw a vehicle from another dealership he would expect that customer to wait until all those who purchased from him were taken care of first". I filed a complaint with Nissan. I was paying for a simple oil change, and not receiving any type of free service.

He will NEVER get my businesses again. The staff was rude and I've never been treated that easy by any car dealership.

to former nissan customer #807393

former nissan customer

Ha Ha I like that...(My wide and I went there) don't they all end up that way after a few years. :grin


To Deirdre...I am a Christian and I realize that God has graciously forgiven me of my sins and saved me from eternal death. That is the reason I am choosing to forgive John Stelly and his salespeople for the scam artists that they are.

BUT, it is now our duty to out them and save others from wasting their time. Perhaps you should go remind them that God is always watching as they practice unethical, unprofessional, and dishonest sales tactics!!! They treated me as if I was uneducated and beneath them, they don’t care if they lose the business of little ol me. Well guess what I have a really big mouth and I guarantee I am more educated!

To Nicodemus…no one claimed that the salespeople were holding guns to our head. If the dealership does not want to negotiate they don’t have to… simple. But instead they LIE! After I text drove a vehicle the salespeople gave me a written proposal with all of the figures on it.

I told them I wanted to go home and think about it and they called me at my house that afternoon to tell me that they will take $1000 off of that price as I had wanted. After they made that deal with me, in writing, I went to purchase the vehicle the next morning as we had discussed on the phone. They told me my husband could go in later. As I sat in that horrible place with my three small children they treated me like *** and lied to me.

The finance manager asked to see the written proposal they had given me only to come out 5 minutes later and inform me that they just couldn’t give me that much for my trade in and I need to come back that afternoon with my husband and we will see what we could do. I spoke to the manager above him, who obviously had the same level of integrity to be working there, and of course he was defending the finance manager. I wanted to go speak to John Stelly himself so I insisted that they give me my written proposal. Well GUESS WHAT?

They lost it!……..within a few minutes. How ironic! I went over to see John Stelly who promised to make it better in a meeting that afternoon with my husband and me. I made sure he understood that I wanted to be given the deal that was on the “lost” paper.

He said “sure.” A few minutes before our meeting I received a phone call informing me that they SOLD the car to someone else!!! How do they sleep at night?

to Lindsey #1002440

Jeremy Johnson here. I am getting a lawyer I had an even worse dealing with this place.

Filled out all the loan papers gave them my trade in. Wife drove the car 2 days. Went to pay the down payment as we agreed on. An all of a sudden I was told the man who was going to buy my truck had left an didn't want it.

Not my problem. They were to pay my note off.

to Lindsey #1465997

NMo, you are not a christian. After the word "forgiven" you should have shut your mouth, then you could be considered a christian!


Horrible business man. Point blank!

Nothing else left to say. And then to have his child write comments concerning some of the previous posts....How low can you go? That really shows some character.

Good Job buddy!! Good job.


Ignorance is bliss. I suggest that all that feel offended , should do research on purchasing a vehicle.

I honestly don't think that anyone at Nissan Of Lake Charles is holding a gun to your heads to purchase a vehicle. Seriously!!! Slander is a very evil deed. John Stelly is not the problem ; maybe the problem is people always wanting something for nothing.

How many times do u honestly see go to a gas station or grocery store & bargain for gas or chips & a drink? I highly doubt that anyone does that. One thing that is certain he'll always have an open door policy at his dealership & you will always see him interact with customers. Now how many dealerships or companies for that matter can you go & the owner will greet you.

Instead you love or like the owner who excludes himself from you.

Instead of embracing John Stelly you would rather slander his name & companies , which is not right. GOD BLESS!!!!!!!!

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #251556

i went to nissan in june of 2010 to buy a car.....i bought a used nissan murano..sometimes the breaks would sqeak.. i would call the sales lady and she would tell me it was from dew...i let it go.. so in september or so i brought my car in for an oil change...the man that put the tires on came and told me i needed two new tires

i could not believe it.. i just bought the car in june...i called the sales person from the back service...she said that for me to go buy new tires at southwest for 25 bucks...i told her why was this not inspected before the car went on the i let it slide... then in october or so my car started shaking in the front and breaks screaming...

i brought the car in to get it checked..i was told i had to pay 50 dollars just to get my car looked at... i bought extended warranty.. i could not believe it again...then the man came out with a ticket and told me nothing was under warranty.. this time they told me i needed 4 new tires and a brake job for over a thousand dollars...what...i went across to talk to another man he said dew causes then i went back over to the new building where mr. stelly's office was.. i told all those people i was sitting there until i saw him...he never came out.. about that time the assistant manager drove up on a golf cart...he came in and talked to me .. i told him what happened.. he went out side and looked at my car.. he said well you only need two new tires...we took it for a test drive.. he told me the guys in the back have to make thier money..again stunned..i told him i will not put up with this kind of thing.. i asked him does mr. stelly know they are doing this? and then i answered to myself uh ooo...he has sales mettings..

to make a long story short.. i walked out with two free new cooper tires.. and the salesperson had to pay for them out of her check and was put on probation...

i went to another dealership last saturday and told them what happened and she said there is a lawsuit against nissan.. and there is a lawyer in lake charles on the case...she is going to let me know.. i will have more details soon... i feel this situation has nothing to do with what kind of person you are.. it has to do with karma. either good or not so good...check out the secret movie and the law of attraction... to adam sometimes grownups do things that children are never aware has nothing with being good etc.. it has to do with karma.. either from along time ago or seconds ago..what is sowed is reaped that is the universal law..that is why it is imprtant to stay in the light and be honest...and good repore..god is forgiveness..i forgave the entire wise adam as solomon was wise.. sometimes we are not awake enough to see the truth...stay in integrity.. each person answers to creator...namaste' the secret says you attract what you the book sometimes.. watch the rhonda byron


To the above ANGRY person with John Stelly I think its horrible that you would take the time to post on the internet your opinion which everyone is entitled to. From what I can see this is personal.

Always remember GOD is watching and listening and as the bible states GOD bless the peacemakers. No weapon formed against the man of GOD shall prosper. And most importantly what God has blessed no man can curse and for the coward who wrote that horrible statement may GOD bless you to. The time your are posting horrible comments about business owners you can read the bible and give your time to God who sent his only son for your salvation.

I pity you and ask God to heal you of more than a bad business deal. Most importantly I have purchased five vehiles from Mr. Stelly and I have had the best service any customer can ask for. The deal was to my satisfaction and everyway.

Thank you NISSAN OF LAKE CHARLES and I personally thank you Mr.

John STelly and may God continue to bless you richly. I will always buy from John Stelly


To all armed force members I would like to serve you notice that this car owner has bought Gray Ford & Nissan.Rest to sure if this type of action happen this company should be band for soldiers.Big Brother is always watching.

JW-soldier for life and we deserve best


Let me guess, the add ons were wheel locking nuts, some type of theft protection and undercoating or a special detailing. My wife fell for the same scam while I was away.

He will never get repeat business from me and I am advising all my friends to steer clear.

I would not let him perform the service work on my vehicle. It is inconvenient, but I drive to Deridder, Louisiana or Beaumont, Texas for my maintenance issues.


Friend traded in her car for a new one. They scammed her and actually did not do a trade in.

She didn't find out this till bank called her 2 months later. Why would they do this?

Unbeleivable! This business needs to be boycotted!


You said this was the second time? Well...

"Fooled me once shame on you. Fooled me twice shame on me."

Sha Tin, Hong Kong, Hong Kong #59275

ever been scamed by a car dealer? want your story to be heard by many?

contact me and you might be on our radio show telling thousands what has happend to you.

Denny, Scotland, United Kingdom #39287

If you want childish, try reading YOUR comment again. (notice I capitalized YOUR) Listen, this is the second time your father has done this to me and my family.

Money is not everything to me. Like your father, I too owned three businesses, and I gave up a 2000,000 a year income to return to active duty and serve my country. This is about principal, morals, and ethics, or really a lack thereof. Right before your father yelled at me to get out of his office, I told him how crooked his practice was , and that I would work hard to see that all active duty soldiers are banned from using his facilities.

Though it is a slow process, I am working working on just that.

Have a wonderful day sir.

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