nissan of lake charles gave us a quote on 03/04/08. we arranged financing and insurance.we went to close the deal and they said quote "I'll make it easy on you either black or white". they lied to us .John stelly(owner )is a very sneaky non-caring person.when we arrived at the dealership he was nice .when he changed his mine about price,he would not even look at us in the face.I would not recommend this dealership to anyone they are dishonest to say the the least.the dealership is only as good as its owner (john stelly) an hes not much to talk about


Monetary Loss: $23000.

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Well I dont know about Nissan of Lake Charles, But we got the broom stick stuck in our BUTTS by ALPHA AUTOMOBILE SERVICES, LLC of Lafayette on Johnson St., Next to Z-Best Cars...Wish we would have went there first...Of course Mr Wilsonn is going to support a crook, because he is one too...And I sooooooooooooooooo hope he reads this so he will be exposed like the SATAN he is... They Have the GIANT STAR OF DAVID on the front of the Building and They profess GOD all over the inside there, and The are DEMONS in Descise.

All I know is that he better be careful cuse God is Going to rain down VENGENCE on that place for decieving Gods people. Mr Varghese has invisible horns and his true colors will come out as soon as you sign that contract, so I would Think twice about a purchase there...BUYERS BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!And Mr.

Wilson, GOD SEES EVERYTHING... and He will protect His Children...GOD BLESS YOU and KEEP YOU!!!!


I hope this is not the same John Stelly that was arrested for raping three little girls under the age of nine.


:( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(




This dealership is a joke. I bought a car from them a few days ago and all the owner kept telling me was: "We'll make you a deal!" They would not tell me what the sales price was, only what my notes would be.

They made me purchase the extended warranty and gap insurance-they would not let me decline it. The said their offer would be void if i did. The sticker on the car said $26,000 and as it turns out the selling price was $29,000. As it turns out, there was extra add-ons that cost extra $$ but weren't listed on the selling price.

I did not see any of the sales papers until after I signed everything on an electronic pad, and that was wrong. I will never purchase from this place again.


nissan of lake charles,la is a JOKE and so is John Stelly. I have purchased two brand new vehicles from them in the past and just recently have gotten screwed.

so much for my business anymore. i'd rather give billy navarre my time of day.

they are liars and bullshi**ers and for his son.. we dont care what you think


:( They played the numbers game with me for almost 2 hours and then pulled a bait and switch move on me just when I thought I had the car for the price we negotiated. Owner didn't look me in the eye either. My Dad used to work in used car sales and I told him about my experience there and he said, "Yup, that's some That's some USDA Grade A BULLS**T!" Haha.

I'm sure the owner does nice things for the community but he does not do nice things for his customers.


I can tell one thing, Mr. John Stelly.

You can only do what you can do. It does not matter what everybody writes or says. You can't make everybody happy. I bet you the Lake Charles of Nissan and the Owners and the managers are good people and They do a good Job from what I hear about your dealership.

I am not paid to write this.

From: Wilson Varghese from Alpha Automobile Sales,LLC Lafayette. LA


I am sorry you had that experience at my dads dealership.


it does NOT make it ok to dish out those personal comments about my daddy like "hes not much to talk about"

Hes a cool person.

im sorry you couldnt recognize that.


my dad does many things for the communtity :(

Denny, Scotland, United Kingdom #28358

I am so glad I came across your comment because we have went through the same thing with this man!!! His dealership is a joke as this was our 2nd time to try and purchase something from him. I will never do it again and hope that other consumers read our postings before they too are tried to be taken for a fool.

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